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Guidance of the menu.

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Wagyu Calvi

Japanese beef Calvi 590yen

It is a soft Japanese beef ribs.

Nakaochi Calvi

Nakaochi Calvi 740yen

Very soft, irresistible flavor of the gravy, which spread to fill the middle of the mouth. It is a popular meat, but it is rare site just 2 ~ 3kg enough to take not only from Unfortunately one horse.

Wagyu Above Calvi

Top Japanese beef Calvi 840yen

Gen. was carefully selected, please enjoy the taste and texture of fine fat. I'm glad to be alive! It will come out in the mouth can not think.


Bone with Calvi

Bone with Calvi 690yen

To eat as it is baked Avala bone and Avala meat around it. In fact it is said that around the bone is the most delicious.

Top Japanese beef loin

Top Japanese beef loin 890yen

t is a high-quality meat cut from beef loin site. Please enjoy the cattle original flavor. Recommended

Japanese beef loin

Japanese beef loin 690yen

Please enjoy the cattle original flavor.

Skirt steak

Skirt steak 690yen

Diaphragm, rare sites that can not be taken only as little as 2 ~ 3kg from 1 cows. It is a thin portion of the back side of the diaphragm.

Hanging tender

Hanging tender 690yen

The thick portion of the rib side of the diaphragm called the fall. The soft, since fat is less healthy.



Tongue 790yen

Please enjoy the depth of softness and taste of quality Tan.

Thick slice tongue

Thick slice tongue 990yen

The soft Even though thick slice.
     General is proud of the dish.
     Yakiniku first item
     "Anyway slab Tan!"
     Please try it.



Ribulose 1980yen

Taste the top class of meat is attentive meat. Please taste the meat itself.
    It melts you!
           Beauty too! (About 300g)



Hormone  490yen

Irresistible taste of texture and fat.


omasum 490yen

Third stomach. It contains many the most calcium in the internal organs.

mountain tripe

mountain tripe 590yen

General recommendations for mountain tripe.
     Korikori the texture becomes addictive.



Marucho 590yen

The small intestine is what you have to as it is sliced.
     Taste and gravy wrapped in skin of the intestine.
     Please enjoy the Kyushu Japanese beef best round intestine.


Liver 490yen

Cattle liver, actually I vitamin A and B2 also rich.


Hearts 490yen

Because it is healthy for nutrition to help healthy rich after fat is small, it is also recommended for those who are on a diet.

Chicken pig
Bird peach

Bird peach 490yen

Fat less attentive fleshy. Soft flesh is juicy meat of features.

Birds skipper

Birds skipper 490yen

There is elasticity in texture, is a site of taste that comes out is gravy enough to chew if turtle.


Pork back ribs

Pork back ribs 490yen

Meat that fibrous meat Fit a finely soft boasts. The original taste and flavor pork is rich in high-quality meat.


Wiener 390yen

It is wiener of perfect Gen. carefully selected to charcoal-grilled.


Shrimp 590yen

The rich flavor that has clogged fragrant flavor when'll grilled over charcoal.


Scallops 590yen

Texture angrily in charcoal-grilled.
           Sweetness of scallops looks better.



Salad  490yen

It is over the general characteristic Japanese-style dressing on fresh vegetables.


Lettuce 390yen

To eat is wrapped meat      "General style"
     Please try

Grilled vegetable platter

Grilled vegetable platter 390yen

When fresh vegetables and bake     You can enjoy the original sweetness.


Kyabekonbu 390yen

In cabbage and kelp and the original source, I love anything.


One goods

Kimchi 350yen

Gen. own original kimchi Korean direct route.


Oikimu 350yen

It is a cucumber kimchi to enjoy the texture of crunching sound.


Kakuteki 350yen

It is a radish kimchi.
     Even beer to accompany or in different crunchy and Chinese cabbage ◎.

Kimchi prime

Kimchi prime 500yen

It is kimchi prime of Chinese cabbage kimchi, Oikimuchi-Kakuteki.


Namul prime

Namul prime 390yen

Fibrous plenty.
You can enjoy the taste of a variety of vegetables.


Horse sashimi 900yen

Kumamoto directly.
     Please enjoy the fat of sweetness spread full fleshy and mouth melt.

Octopus Changer

Octopus Changer 390yen

It is a changer of using fresh octopus for sashimi.
     Taste of the octopus spreads enough to chew if chew。

Korea glue

Korea glue 100yen

Even this is the Korea version of the ... if.

Green soybeans

Green soybeans 200yen

Always have a bright supporting role next to the bouncy conversation, a nice smile.

Seaweed soup

Seaweed soup 390yen

Speaking of grilled meat, it still is this

Egg soup

Egg soup 390yen

Fluffy is frankly soup of egg.


Calvi soup (dry)

Calvi soup (dry) 450yen

Taste plenty of spicy soup plus namul to stewed soup cattle rose meat. Stamina is a perfect score!

Rice noodles
Addictive rice

Addictive rice 500yen

It is rice fried in beef tallow.
     It becomes a time to eat and addictive. Gen. is the original recipe!
     With mini seaweed soup


Addictive rice DX

Addictive rice DX 650yen

Addictive and beef tongue in rice, and warm egg topping. I'm glad to be alive! Words will come out naturally with.
     Applying the seaweed soup and then transformed into a luxurious egg Bowser.


Horse sashimi grip 3 consistency

Horse sashimi grip 3 consistency 600yen

Best of horse sashimi is I melts the trolley in the mouth become Shari integrated.



Rice (small) 250yen
Rice (large) 300yen

Terraced rice fields rice rice Saga Prefecture.
     To make a delicious rice has grown at the highest temperature difference is large terraced rice fields.
     Only rice development that was subjected time and effort has given rise to taste no other.

Egg Bowser

Egg Bowser 600yen

Since it has be made with unceremoniously friendly seasoned guests can eat in peace for children.

Karubikuppa (dry)

Karubikuppa (dry) 650yen

Flavor and meat of pepper flavor, vegetables are also containing Karubikuppa

Ishiyaki bibimbap

Ishiyaki bibimbap (small) 500yen
Ishiyaki bibimbap (small) 600yen

In piping hot bowl, and serve if you mixed a lot of ingredients and rice, such as Namur and kimchi. Preeminent popular in general of Korean food. Certainly once is the relish!



Cold noodle 650yen

It is a taste to play the post-low-calorie as refreshing.


Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice 200yen

Roast of ice after fits why.

Yuzu sorbet

Yuzu sorbet 200yen

Ice fit after the roast.
     Yuzu is sherbet!

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